Arignote was a philosopher, the daughter of Pythagoras. Contemplating the role of mathematics in the universe, she believed the eternal essence of number was the most providential cause of the whole of heaven, earth, and the regions in between. 

The Arignote Collection pursues mathematical perfection like that of the universe. Each bead is precisely formed and weighted in 24 karat gold, offering you the flexibility to string more or fewer together on a chain, depending on your mood. 

Brilliant, luminous, never tarnished, pure gold has been a lasting store of value throughout human history. 

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Gold came to Earth via the collision of stars. Its very nature is celestial. Impossible to replicate like carbon-based diamonds, there will be no more formation of gold, its supply extremely limited, the true meaning of exclusive. 

Inspired by worlds unknown, the Celestial Collection plays with planetary shapes and forms. Pieces are designed in 22/24 karat gold for the modern woman seeking jewelry of lasting value, minimal yet maximal, crisp, understated, authentic.

From the heavens to your hands, before the world was connected on every continent, people fell in love with gold.

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