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We are excited to introduce you to Marcus Stewart, our fashion forward man of the moment. From model to fashion stylist to TV reality star, Marcus boasts a glittering resume. Beaming with star power, Marcus is the perfect gentleman to showcase Auvere’s mens’ collection. Not only does Marcus wear gold well, he has a natural affinity for styling and accessorizing. Nowadays, Marcus is known as The Fashion Doctor, an image consultant who specializes in giving his clients full head-to-toe transformations, from diagnosis to prescription. Keep reading to learn more about Marcus and to receive his recommendations for achieving wellbeing and health from a style perspective!

Meet Marcus Stewart

So, Let’s chat!

Home. Sweet. Home. I was born in New Orleans. Even though I moved to Los Angeles at the age of 16, and then to New York in my twenties, I will always consider myself born and and raised in “Nawlins”!

The J.O.B. Although my career has taken many twists and turns, it all falls under the business of fashion! So, I guess I would call myself a fashion entrepreneur and a television personality.

Sign Language. I am a Scorpio! I do believe that the typical description of a Scorpio fits my personality. I am loyal, truth seeking and passionate. But don’t cross me! If you do, I cannot be held responsible for my actions. What you call “revenge” is what we Scorpios call justice!

Rise and Shine. The first thing I do when I wake up is pray and state my daily affirmations aloud. I’m a firm believer in taking the first few moments of your day to express gratitude and state your intentions for the day.

Meet Marcus Stewart
Meet Marcus Stewart


I have been in the fashion industry since I was 12 years old. I started out in New Orleans as a model. My two older brothers were solid athletes when we were growing up. I, on the other hand, possessed zero hand-eye coordination. Sports definitely was not going to be my thing. I did know, however, that I needed to find my own creative space. One afternoon, as I was listening to the radio, I heard about a casting call for models. I asked my Mom to take me. The next day, shortly before we headed to dinner, my Mom took me to the casting call along with my brother. I thought to myself, “Oh great! He will get a call back and not me. And once again, he will be better than I am at yet another thing!”. That’s not what happened (phew!). I got the call back (he didn’t). In modeling, I finally found a lane that was mine to explore.

Meet Marcus Stewart
Meet Marcus Stewart

YOU have worked with STARS such as Katy Perry, NAOMI Watts, Christian Bale, Ryan Lochte, Olivia Wilde and EMMA Roberts. HOW DID YOU GET THOSE OPPORTUNITIES?

Lots of luck and big breaks combined with passion, patience and hard work. One of my biggest breaks resulted from a chance meeting with one of the most iconic personalities in fashion. I was around 18 at the time. While attending LA Fashion Week with my then girlfriend, I spotted Andre Leon Talley heading to a show. She was desperate to work at Vogue, so I suggested that she chat with him since he was the “King” of Vogue. She looked at me with a blank stare and said “Who is he?” I was shocked! How can you want to work for Vogue, yet have no knowledge of Andre Leon Talley?

We saw him again the next day. This time, I approached him. I thanked him all that he has done towards opening the doors of the fashion world to people of color. As I turned to leave, he stopped me and said “What’s your name? You never stated your name. Who are you? Have a seat and enjoy the show with me.” Since that time, I’ve considered Mr. Talley a friend and mentor. He invited me to hear Ruben and Isabel Toledo speak the following day. And the day after that, he insisted that I work for Vogue.

Mr. Talley introduced me to Lawren Howell, who was at that time an editor for Vogue. A few days after that, I found myself with an internship assisting the iconic Lisa Love of Vogue. My work at Vogue included everything from assisting stylists during photoshoots to opening mail. Eventually, I was spotted by another editor from GQ who requested that I work on other shoots, which led to projects with GQ, Teen Vogue, Lucky and Vanity Fair. Through these projects, I was able to meet one celebrity after another. It was a truly awesome time!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR STINT ON BRAVO tv’s reality show, “dukes of melrose.”

How did you get on the show? Dukes of Melrose was a Bravo TV reality series that documented the world of Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver, co-owners of the Los Angeles based boutique, Decades. If you are into vintage fashion, then you know that Decades was one of the biggest consignment and vintage stores ever. As I worked for Decades in New York as as the East Coast Buyer and Trunk Show Coordinator, I knew that I would not be a regular on the show. And that was okay with me! Just before the series started taping, however, the Los Angeles based store manager exited the show and I was asked to fill the role. I had my reservations about doing a reality show, but eventually, I decided to go for it.

What was your “role”? My role on the show was to be me — the East Coast Buyer who was coming out to Los Angeles to help out in the store.

What was the funniest or most interesting thing that happened to you on the show?The last episode was definitely the most interesting. I pride myself on being a Southern gentleman and I behaved as such all season long until the LAST day of filming when I was provoked and pushed to my limits by a few cast mates. My dark Scorpio side definitely emerged that day. I laugh when I watch the episode now. But at the time, I was mortified about using a curse word on national television. This was the scene that the producers used for ALL of the press tours. So, for a period of time, I became known for this moment, which is really so out of character for me!

Meet Marcus Stewart

YOU WERE a model and actor for a while. How did these opportunities shape the way you approach your career now?

Being a model and actor in my teens and early twenties has definitely influenced me in a positive way. It sharpened my presentation skills, which helps me tremendously in my fashion career. I am the face of what I do professionally. How I present myself to the world counts!

Meet Marcus Stewart
Meet Marcus Stewart

These days, you are known as the fashion DOCTOR. We love the moniker!

Does The Fashion Doctor make house calls? The Fashion Doctor definitely makes house calls! My business is different from most image consulting companies as I work with my clients from the inside out. How one dresses often reflects things going on in one’s emotional life. So rather than seeing my job as solely about dressing the body, I want to make sure that I get to the core of things emotionally. In other words, it is important for me to make sure that how my clients dress elevates, and ultimately harmonizes with, how they feel about themselves in the best way possible.

What are some of the common “fashion illnesses” that you run into as The Fashion Doctor? Ill fitting clothing is by far the most pervasive “fashion illness”. Fit is key. Poor fit will render beautifully designed or otherwise expensive clothing sloppy and baggy or tight and inappropriate. Moreover, it will suggest that you don’t care about details, which is not information that anyone wants convey

And the cure for these “illnesses”? It is important to find a great tailor — someone whom you can trust and with whom you are able to communicate effectively. Your tailor needs to know your taste. This makes it possible to purchase clothing easily because you know that your tailor can rectify any issue that may exist fit or style wise. So I must say it again — whether you get your pieces from Bergdorf Goodman or Forever 21 — clothing must fit well.

What is the best part about working as an image consultant? The relationships that I build with people and seeing the difference between “before” and “after”. I’ve always wanted to be a therapist and years later, a plastic surgeon. Now, as “The Fashion Doctor”, I am able to merge those two ideas (loosely interpreted, of course) into a singular, wonderful and rewarding career. The power of fashion is much deeper than merely shopping for, and collecting, designer clothing.

Meet Marcus Stewart


First, I am definitely returning to modeling. I feel that I have more to contribute to the modeling industry as a 30 year old man than I did as an 18 year old kid.

Second, I am working on creating media content that is conscience based. Stuff that will leave the viewer satisfied after watching each segment, yet wanting more. I am creating material that will educate and entertain!

Finally, I am working on a product line that will blow everyone’s socks off. It’s still under wraps, but it will be fully launched by Fall 2019

Meet Marcus Stewart
Meet Marcus Stewart

HOW Have you been described by people who know you well? Do you agree with their assessment?

I’ve been described by my closest friends as upbeat, loyal, trustworthy, non-judgmental and genuine. I can’t say that I disagree! I find it refreshing to have friends who uplift each other and who are actually happy for each others’ successes and who are, at the same time, there to pick each other up when we experience challenging times. You cannot pick your family but you can pick your friends. So select them wisely

Meet Marcus Stewart
Meet Marcus Stewart
Meet Marcus Stewart

How would you describe your personal style?

I love exploring the tension between incongruent themes or elements in one look. It’s an “opposites attract” approach. That said, elegance is always involved. I never forsake elegance.

What fashion risks have you taken in the last five years?

When I first moved to New York, I bopped around the city in fully styled outfits. Think completely accessorized sartorial drama. Lately, I’ve been super into Athleisure wear, which is a HUGE risk for me as an image consultant. Sometimes sweatpants can be a sign of giving up. If styled creatively, however, they can become an elegant and comfortable uniform. I love adding boots, jackets and jewelry to what one might consider a “gym” look. I end up with a look that is simultaneously masculine, chic and multifunctional. I love when my clothing works hard and performs several roles. Transitional and multitasking pieces are key! Every now and again, however, I like to challenge boundaries and take things to the next level.

Meet Marcus Stewart

What’s most important to you when it comes to dressing yourself: comfort or high style?

I believe in balance. So for me, comfort paired with a touch of high style works best. You must feel comfortable in your shoes and clothing in order to be at your best. If either fits poorly or causes discomfort, your face, posture and overall aura will reflect as much, which makes the outfit appear inauthentic and unfortunate.

Whose style do you admire the most and why?

My grandparents. I love they way each of my grandparents pay attention to detail. They dress beautifully every day but their Sunday best is something to behold. Otherwise, I tend to look within myself for inspiration. I have a vivid imagination when it comes to clothing. I love combining different elements — things that should never go together in theory — but in reality it works.

Meet Marcus Stewart

What are your go-To Wardrobe Pieces?

Right now, I am obsessed with classic watches. Last year, I bought Rolex Datejust 41 — the two tone version with diamonds. This watch is all I care about right now (LOL!). It’s iconic! I would say it’s timeless too, but there’s something odd about referring to a beautifully built timekeeping machine as “timeless”. But you know what I mean! When it comes to clothing, the following pieces are in heavy rotation lately:

Meet Marcus Stewart

LET’s talk about favorites! NAME your Favorite Film, Music, and artist.

Movie: The Color Purple. I can watch this movie over and over again. Every time I watch it, I learn something new — a different symbol or theme.

Artist: I LOVE Ashley Longshore. She is from my hometown of New Orleans! Ashley is a rockstar artist who has broken all sorts of barriers. I met her way before she became famous. She stuck to her guns and look at her now! Her work represents freedom from boundaries and I love that.

Music I love everything about Beyonce. Everything. Except Jay Z. He’s alright (LOL).

Meet Marcus Stewart


My life has been so full and rewarding. The things that I’ve been able to see and do continues to shock me at times. So I don’t really have a bucket list. At least not yet. If I wake up with an urge to skydive, I figure out how to do it the next day. Life is too fragile and precious to put things off.


My current passion is more of a lifestyle change. I am changing my eating habits to become a vegan. I decided at the beginning of 2019 that this is what I wanted to do and I am doing it day by day!


Go uptown! I lived in Greenwich Village for 7 years and I enjoyed my years downtown. I never imagined myself an “uptown guy” until I moved to West Harlem. I LOVE it. Walk from 110th Street and Central Park all the way up to 145th and Fifth. I love how every few blocks changes and offers a different experience! Harlem has a soul and heartbeat that is lacking in much of the rest of Manhattan of late.

Meet Marcus Stewart

You have travelled all over the world for pleasure and business!

Name three of your favorite places: Always Paris. My love affair with this remarkable city started at the age of 20 when I landed there as a part of a month long European tour that my Mom gave me. I’ve visited Paris about three times annually ever since. Yes — it’s true love. But I also love Accra, Ghana. And my new favorite spot is Hvar, Croatia!

Where are you traveling to next? Morocco in March 2019!!

Meet Marcus Stewart


Gold is timeless. It’s an investment. We live in a world overtaken by trends and artifice. It is nice to own pieces that will outlast trends and retain their value over time. And that rich sunny hue of high karat gold blows me away! I cannot get enough!


The rings! The Double and Triple Barrel rings are great for stacking but my absolute favorite ring is the 24 karat gold Xanthe ring in both polished and satin finishes. It is architectural, classic and refined, yet it has edge and makes a statement. Just like me!

Meet Marcus Stewart

But then again, the ear cuffs are FANTASTIC! Such a great way to add attitude to your look without having to pierce one’s ear lobes!

Meet Marcus Stewart

Parting words?

Life is sacred and beautiful, so embrace every second of it. But everything you experience will feel better if your clothes fit! Check me out on Instagram or at!

Meet Marcus Stewart


  • Look 1: Puffer Jacket: Viridi-Anne; Turtleneck sweater: Zegna; Hoodie: Forever 21; Knit shorts: H&M; Track pants: Adidas; Boots: Kris Van Assche; Jewelry: Auvere (Double Barrel Ring Satin; Double Barrel Ring Polished; Triple Barrel Ring Satin; Triple Barrel Ring Polished; Xanthe Ring Polished; Xanthe Ring Satin; Ornate Cone Amulet Large Polished);
  • Look 2:Velvet Coat: Costume National; Hoodie: H&M; Black skinny jeans: ASOS; Turtleneck: Zegna; Crocodile Riding Boots: Belstaff; Jewelry: Auvere (Lunar Ear Cuff Polished; Double Moon Ear Cuff Polished; Double Moon Ear Cuff Satin; Double Stick Cuff; Dagger Cuff; Vortex Ring Satin; Xanthe Ring Satin);
  • Look 3: Fur trimmed Jacket: Philip Lim 3.1; Sweater and scarf: Giorgio Armani; Jeans: H&M; Boots: Hermes; Jewelry: Auvere (Lunar Ear Cuff Polished; Double Moon Ear Cuff Polished; Double Moon Ear Cuff Satin; Double Stick Cuff; Dagger Cuff; Ornate Cone Amulet Large Polished)
  • Look 4:Black vest: Rick Owens; Sweater: Bottega; Black skinny jeans: ASOS; Beanie: Moncler; Boots: Timberland; Jewelry: Auvere (Perigee bracelet; Double Moon Ear Cuff Polished; Xanthe Ring; Double Barrel Ring Polished; Triple Barrel Ring Polished); and
  • Look 5:Camo Jacket: Monitaly; Pink turtleneck: Zara; Black skinny jeans: ASOS; Boots: Timberland; Gloves: YSL; Jewelry: Auvere (Double Moon Ear Cuff Polished; Double Moon Ear Cuff Satin; Lunar Ear Cuff Polished; Perigee Bracelet).

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