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We like our Metal Rare

Gold seems to be everywhere, but pure gold is in fact very rare. Created from colliding neutron stars in outer-space, gold found its way to molten earth millions of years ago via asteroids - an event that will never happen again. Unlike diamonds, true gold cannot be replicated by humans. Therefore, we can state with the utmost confidence that when you invest in our 22K and 24K gold jewelry, you will own one of the rarest metals on earth.

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True 22 & Pure 24

They say it can't be done. Yet it has been done for millennia and we do it every day. We are merely following in our ancestors’ footsteps when we use 22K and 24K gold to make our jewelry. Hey -- we would rather offer you more gold than less! 22K gold is 91.8% pure gold and 24K gold is 99.99% pure gold. By comparison, 10K gold contains 41.7% pure gold, 14K gold contains 58.3% pure gold, and 18K gold contains 75% pure gold.

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Design Matters

Auvere pieces are designed in New York City by our co-founder, Gina Feldman Love. Inspired by architecture, sculpture and the energy of New York City, Gina describes her design philosophy as one in which she (1) emphasizes the beauty of True 22K and Pure 24K gold, (2) pursues symmetry and harmony with an occasional injection of an off-kilter flair, (3) adds an element of humor and (4) seeks to inspire delight and desire.

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We Make it Well

Auvere jewelry is handcrafted in New York City and Jaipur, India using a mix of modern, traditional and downright ancient techniques to provide fine work on each piece. Our NYC - based partner is a family run business with decades of experience making of fine jewelry. They make all of our 24K gold pieces. Our partner in Jaipur is also a family operated business that traces its roots in fine jewelry manufacture to 1931. Our Indian partner makes all of our 22K gold jewelry.


It's Only Fair

Many top brands in the jewelry business mark up their products 300% on average. On top of that, they sell primarily 10K, 14K and 18K gold. So you are paying a lot more money for a lot less gold. We want to do things differently. That is why we offer our 22K and 24K gold jewelry at fair prices that are often lower than low karat gold jewelry sold by other luxury brands. You get more gold without sacrificing craftsmanship or design. It's only fair.


Adornment + Investment

Do you buy jewelry as an investment or for adornment? Well, you don't have to choose because we give you both! Auvere jewelry is sculpted by hand from true 22K gold and pure 24K gold - the same kind of gold used for investment-grade gold bullion. This means that Auvere true gold jewelry possesses a much greater store of value than 10K, 14K and 18K gold jewelry. Simply put, Auvere true gold jewelry is not only an alluring adornment. It’s a pretty smart investment.


Socially Responsible

Beautiful jewelry should not have an ugly past. As such, responsible sourcing is an important part of our business. When you shop on auvere.com, you should feel confident and assured that you are receiving pieces made with materials that are carefully, transparently, responsibly and ethically obtained. Moreover, we feel that you should know the provenance of the materials behind your jewelry.

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A Golden Experience

Buying fine jewelry online can be a nerve-wracking experience -- on some other website with some other company. But not here. We want you to feel safe, secure and happy when you shop with us. That’s why we offer free shipping and returns in the USA, a 30-day hassle-free return policy and a top-notch customer support team. We will always do our absolute best to make sure your experience on auvere.com and with our jewelry is as good as gold (true gold, that is).

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New Discoveries

We want your experience and time spent on auvere.com to be enjoyable and filled with new discoveries and surprises. That is why we refresh our website monthly with new jewelry, eye-popping imagery, fresh journal posts and compelling style stories about some of the fascinating people who wear Auvere. Be sure to check out Sneak Peek every month to learn what new pieces are coming soon and definitely stop by AU (Auvere's Universe) to see our latest posts and stories.

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