May 10th marks our annual celebration of Mother's Day this year. Since 1908, we've celebrated the privilege and the significance of matriarchy with flowers, family dinners, and greeting cards. But if ever there was a moment to truly show our mothers just how much we care, now is the time. Social distancing and stay–at–home orders have made it increasingly difficult to be physically close to our loved ones. If there's one lesson we're all learning from the Covid – 19 pandemic, it's how fragile life can be, and that there's no time like the present to share the love with family and friends too.

Giving the gift of gold on any occasion, and even for no occasion at all, is truly a beautiful thing to do. But this Mother's Day, giving the gift of gold has a weightier feel to it. These are heady times. And it seems that all our words and actions are rife with meaning now. So what does it mean to give the gift of gold? Gold carries within itself strength, an innate power harnessed from the sun and the stars. Gold is a celestial element, born of another time, another dimension. When you wear gold, you feel the force within it. Gold is potent. Gold is serious but filled with energy and light. Gold is forever. Gold is the mother of all elements.

We believe in sharing the love. At this moment, what could be more meaningful than giving the gift of gold – one that symbolizes a love that is as expansive as the universe – to the person whose love is literally as good as gold?

May 11th 2020