Creative Brief

For Fall/Winter 2019, we explored the beauty and potency of high karat gold by focusing on a few elements at a time, whether it was an “earscape” of gold ear cuffs, or the hypnotic allure of a single gold chain. In our still-life photos, we let our gold pieces bask in the glory of their own reflection by utilizing mirrors, light and the glow of gold itself.


  • Creative Direction: Gina Love, Auvere
  • Photography, Art Direction and Production: Black & Steil
  • Models: Erika Laba, Mari Nagase, David McManley and Cory Alexander
  • Casting and Stylist: Juli Alvarez
  • Set Stylist: Molly Findlay
  • Hair and Makeup: Paul Venoit
  • Manicurist: Kana Kishita