Noa Samassa

The process of planning an Auvere photoshoot almost always leads to a model casting. And at every Auvere casting, we look for a diverse and multi-cultural group of people who stand out, not only because of their looks, but because their personalities, attitudes and ability to command a room. British-born model and actress, Noa Samassa, possesses a personality like sunshine, so it was easy for us to envision her showing off our 22 an 24 karat gold jewelry. It also helped that Noa is a huge fan of gold! Mix her positive energy with striking features, a quick wit, easy laugh and an ultra-cool 90’s vibe and you get someone who is clearly an Auvere Golden Girl. Please meet Noa Samassa.

AUVERE: We love a good British accent! On the shoot, you mentioned that your mum is from Spain, and your dad’s heritage is Caribbean and English. So, where did you grow up?

NOA SAMASSA: Actually, my mum is half Spanish and half Malian, and my dad is English and Trinidadian. I was born in London but lived in Paris until I was six. Then I moved back to London. I spent every summer of my childhood with my family abroad, traveling all over Europe, and naturally spending a lot of time in Barcelona.

A: How long have you been modeling? Were you scouted?

NS: It’s been ages now! I’m pretty impressed with how long I’ve been modeling. My mum made friends with a lady at her gym who used to be an agent at Storm Models in London. She took me to meet Sarah Doukas, who is the founder of Storm. She discovered Kate Moss!

A: In addition to being a model, you are an actress. How did you get into acting, and what do you enjoy about it?

NS: It runs in my family. My grandmother and cousins are all actresses. My family was quite impressed with my taste in films at a very young age. As with modeling, I was told to take some classes. I found out I really enjoyed it.

A: What kind of actress do you consider yourself – dramatic or comedienne? What’s your dream role?

NS: I would say both. I think comedy comes easier to me as it’s already ingrained in my mannerisms. My dream role would be to do something that I also write, like a short film. I am aiming to get that done by the end of this year! I would also love to be a part of a really interesting independent film with a great director, something powerful and artistic. Of course, a TV show would be great too; there’s the benefit of consistent work and developing a character over time. I love acting, and I have a lot of respect for the craft. I still have a long way to go.

A: You have a unique look. You can be modern, retro, glam, or punk. Does your acting career help you to bring different personas to modeling?

NS: Yes, totally! I think it’s great to look so versatile. Also, since I act, I know what to do to enhance certain looks and styles on set.

A: Your energy on set is fantastic. Tell us one of your secrets to taking a great photo.

NS: Thank you! I think of someone I fancy. Ha!

A: How would you describe your personal style?

NS: I’m a nineties girl. I like to be comfortable but sexy.

A: What can’t you leave home without? Lipstick, a special piece of jewelry, fragrance, for example.

NS: I never leave home without my phone, credit card, hand sanitizer, a pen, and paper. I have so many ideas in my head that I have to make notes. Also, I can’t forget my phone charger!

A: Let’s talk about jewelry. Do you consider yourself a jewelry girl? Are there pieces that you wear every day?

NS: I absolutely love jewelry! Gold jewelry is the one. It’s honestly the best. I love wearing lots of gold pieces – I think gold has a fantastic nineties feel!

A: Give us a few of your styling tips for wearing jewelry.

NS: One thing I like to do is to look at rappers who wear a lot of gold jewelry. Then I tone it down from there. I honestly think there’s something very interesting and inspiring to see how people wear jewelry; it totally adds to their outfit.

Jun 18th 2021