Auvere’s Gemstones

Ever since the launch of Auvere in the fall of 2017, we have been itching to create pieces that combine the celestial beauty of true gold with the magical energy of gemstones. This admission in no way diminishes our passion for pure gold. We love gold for its rarity, rich lustrous hue, and prized investment qualities. Even diamonds seem common in comparison. Although often overlooked in jewelry circles — gold is money, and has been, and will likely always be, one of the best jewelry investments one can make.

But the beauty of colored gemstones kept calling. We debuted our Cage Cocktail Ruby Ring and the Byzantium 24K Ring Rubies in the spring of 2019. By that fall, we’d succumbed to the lure of sparkling diamonds and we’ve never looked back. Fortunately, high karat gold holds its own when studded with diamonds and colored gems. Keep scrolling to read more about how we pair true gold with gemstones and diamonds.


The birthstone of feisty Aries natives, diamonds are undoubtedly alluring. Along with gold, diamonds are often seen as a symbol of love, which is one of the reasons why so many choose diamonds for their engagement rings and wedding bands. Composed of pure carbon, diamonds are believed to attract abundance and invincibility by driving away negative energy. Of course, we like them for their dazzling sparkle — not to mention the way the dress up 22 karat gold jewelry! Our high-quality diamonds are ethically sourced and cut with precision to add the perfect amount of eye-catching light to our high karat gold.

From left to right: Praying Mantis Diamond Ring Wide; Floral Eye Signet Ring Pave Diamonds; and Diamond Cone Threader Earrings.;


Boasting colors that vary from light pink to deep red, rubies evoke feelings of ardor. The ancients believed that rubies would bring wealth, prosperity, and courage to the wearer. The birthstone of those born in July, rubies are rarer than diamonds, and may be cut in faceted shapes or round cabochons. As elegant as the ruby is, this gemstone has a fire that most stones do not possess. So one can hardly blame us for adding rubies to our repertoire! We favor this precious gem bezel set and enveloped in the richness of 24K and 22K gold.


Byzantium 24K Ring Rubies


Exuberant and eye-catching, turquoise, the birthstone of those born in December, is a gemstone thought to possess healing powers. With a stunning blue hue that resembles the Caribbean Sea, turquoise has been mined for thousands of years throughout ancient Egypt and the Middle East. But turquoise is also prevalent across Mexico and the western United States. We choose stones that are free of veins and marks caused by the rock formations in which turquoise is found. Because we work with smaller stones, we prefer a turquoise that is nothing but pure color and power, just like our gold.


Byzantium 24K Ring Turquoise

Apr 21st 2022