Your gift guide cheat sheet is here!

Based on our experience, it’s rarely easy to find the right gift for the father-figures in our lives. If you ask them what they want, the usual response is “for you to invest your money.” Or: “I’ve got everything I need.” We know the drill. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the effort. Secretly, Dads and all the special dudes in your life love receiving gifts. So humor (as in ignore) them when they say they want nothing and give them something extra special. The next step is deciding what extra special thing to give. To make it easier (and more fun), we put together a little cheat sheet in a quiz format to help you sort out the annual gift-giving drama of Father’s Day. There’s something here for every dad, from the Dandy to the DIY-er to the Dude.

Q. Does Dad wear a watch?

A. If yes, then give him a chain link bracelet!

While the father-figures in your life may not consider themselves “jewelry aficionados,” pairing a heavy metal bracelet with a watch is a cool way to take their style to a higher level. After a few wears, it’ll become second nature. This could be the start of a whole new era in dad-style.

Long Link Bracelet

Q. Is Oceans 11 still Dad’s favorite movie? Affirmative?

A. Then it’s time for a pinky ring!

There’s something quite old-school and charming about a gent who wears a pinky ring. A flash of gold at the edge of a hand gives off stylish, wise-guy vibes with a hint of retro sophistication. A pinky ring is a solid (gold) choice. We’d bet on it!

Floral Eye Signet Ring Pave

Q. Is father-figure in your life the strong and silent type?

A. Yup. Then give him a classic gold band!

A band handcrafted from solid 22 karat gold is a symbol of strength, tradition, and polish. This ring style has been around for a while and continues to stand the test of time, which makes it the perfect gift for a Dad who appreciates quiet luxury. We love a gold band for Dad because it’s easy to wear and looks great no matter the occasion.

Double Barrel Ring Polished

Q. Was (Is) Dad in a rock band?

A. Alright then! Diamond stud earring coming up.

Rock out on Father’s Day with the coolest gift. Show your rocker Dad how much you cherish his “wild (not as wild as he thinks)” side of his personality with a pair of 22 karat gold diamond-embellished earrings? Remind your dad that he’s still got it. Extra points for drummers.

Hexagon Diamond Stud Earrings

Q. Is your Pops a snappy dresser? Obviously.

A. Then give him a bold necklace.

If your dad’s the kind of guy who doesn’t need an excuse to dress up because that’s his daily fit, then our chunky sterling silver Double Link Necklace Heavy / Silver is the ultimate jewelry gift. Timeless, like his style, the chain necklace will work with all his looks from dressy to casual. This piece is as strong as your bond.

Double Link Necklace Heavy / Silver

Q. Does your Dad like to act tough? Most likely.

A. Surprise him with a sharp looking ring.

He might be edgy on the outside, but deep down, he’s a big softie. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. We’ll champion him instead with our edgy, studded Pyramid Band. This solid 22 karat gold ring is dangerously chic and tough-guy approved.

Pyramid Ring Wide

Q. Does your father wear his heart on his sleeve?

A. If indeed, then dress it up with gold.

If your dad shows and shares love openly, don’t be embarrassed! Count yourself lucky and celebrate his sweetness and kind heart with a bracelet that embraces a message of love to be treasured with every wear.

Love is Love Bracelet

Q. Is Dad too cool for school?

A. If so, ear cuffs were made for him.

Show us Dad’s cool without saying he is cool.

Double Moon Ear Cuff
Jun 11th 2024