Dipped in Diamonds

A match made in Heaven. And on Earth.

The yang to our yin. The ice to our fire. The spark to our shine. Brilliant and hard, diamonds are the perfect foil for the warm and soft glow of Auvere’s high-karat gold jewelry. Indeed, the origin stories of gold and diamonds are as divergent as they are dynamic.

Even though pure gold is found on and within the earth’s surface, this noble metal resulted from the explosion of aging stars. After hitching a ride on a bunch of asteroids that crash landed on earth some hundreds of millions of years ago, gold now forms a part of earth’s core, mantle and crust and occasionally dusts the surface of our planet with a sunny glow. While gold and other precious metals continue to be formed intergalactically, gold’s wild and cosmic trip to a molten earth at the cusp of the planet’s own formation will never happen again. This makes gold a rare substance — technically much more rare than diamonds.

Natural diamonds, on the other hand, are born from groups of carbon atoms pressed up against one another in an ultra-hot, super-intense and uber-pressurized subterranean environment. Over the course of millions of years, these atoms merged into one another and morphed into a new form — a diamond rock. If you want to understand the life of a diamond in its formative years, think about 5 or more atomic roommates smooshed together in an insufferably hot, teeny tiny studio apartment without AC for what feels like a zillion years. Eventually, these atomic friends start to look and act so much alike, they become one being.

Gold and diamonds are not only supportive partners to one other, but they come together in love and with loads of warmth and sparkle to add beauty to our lives. As a power couple, they literally command us to wear the ring that makes our hearts sing, the earrings that beg to be seen, the bracelet that twinkles on our wrists, and the necklace that piques our passion for bling. Stop for a moment and listen. What piece of gold and diamond jewelry is calling your name?


Imagine your favorite piece of jewelry is literally and liberally dusted with brilliant, round cut pavé set diamonds covering the surface in a perfectly balanced medley of mesmerizing gilt. We took our iconic shapes and some inspired new styles to boot and enveloped these pieces in our favorite icy gemstone. The combination of gold and diamonds makes for inspired design sessions. Here are a few of our favorite Big Dippers.


When you need a tiny spark of icy light in order to illuminate an ear, a finger, or a neck, these Auvere favorites tick all the right boxes. Wearable on a daily basis, these on-trend but not trendy, heirlooms introduce discreet touches of brilliant, round cut diamonds to our rich, warm 22 karat gold jewelry. Carefully set in bezel and flush style, every diamond rests neatly in each design. Check out these gold and diamond twinklers.


We know that you know this. Even so, it is worth repeating. If possible, wear your gold and diamond jewelry during the day, through the night, and for any and every situation. Forget about saving your sparklers for a special occasion. Being alive and lucky enough to own gold and diamond jewelry is as good a reason as any to break out the bling on the daily and channel your rock star spirit. All we have to say to the jewelry lover who brings a dose of gold and diamond “fabulosity” to every outfit is: “mic drop”.

Feb 29th 2024