Fire & Ice

Opposites attract.

In 1785, the French physicist Charles-Augustin de Coulomb challenged conventional thinking with his theory, “Like repels like, and opposites attract.” - a controversial thought at the time. Over two hundred years later, however, we continue to exist within a crazy and beautiful realm of absolute contradiction – whether we are talking about relationships or personal style. Asymmetry, opposition, and contrast are the new standard of divine perfection.

Combining opposing materials, textures, and structure as an approach to design creates a modern juxtaposition, a balancing act of beauty, art, and inspiration. Auvere’s true love is true gold – first and foremost, but we are not immune to the splendor of contrasting the heat of gold with the cool of diamonds.

fire and ice

Tiny but mighty. Hexagon Stud Earring with diamond center.

Venturing into new territory is always exciting and full of possibilities. We accepted this challenge as a way to enhance the warm, rich hue of 22 and 24 karat gold by contrasting this magical metal with the essence of the icy, illustrious diamond. Adding sparkle to shine and ice to fire is the ultimate combination, a perfect marriage of symbiotic contrast.

fire and ice

Band together. XOXO Band with diamonds.

Wearing gold jewelry is a multi-sensory experience. Once you appreciate its beauty and luster, you can begin to enjoy its texture, weight, and the feel of it against your skin. The addition of diamonds takes heightens this experience further. Diamonds spark the imagination; each tiny facet winks playfully with every gesture and movement. Some of our favorite pieces are designed with diamonds because they command a lightheartedness and joyful spirit in contrast to the sophisticated, serenity of gold.

fire and ice

Around and around. Heart and Arrows Medallion with diamonds.

The science of physics can explain the theory of why opposites attract, but we don’t need a degree to understand the genuine electric charge that exists between two opposing elements. The dynamic force between fire and ice is undoubtedly the most beautiful expression of this centuries-old mathematical law of attraction.

May 22nd 2020