Breaking the rules never looked so good.

Style is not a binary choice. Nor is it uniform or rigid. The definition of ‘style’ expands and evolves to reflect the sartorial choices of different people and different eras. It’s a reflection of who you are at any given moment. In order to develop and evolve one’s style, one must be to be non-judgmental and inquisitive. One must be open to that which is new and unique. One must be willing to push past tired stereotypes of what is suitable for whom. In other words, if you like it, wear it.

There is nothing more delightful and satisfying for us than to bear witness to the many ways in which the members of our gold-loving community express their style. The beauty and brilliance of true gold are universal. Why limit oneself in the art of expression if it makes your heart sing with joy and pride? Why not indulge in a piece of celestial magic if it feels like destiny on your skin? Go ahead and break the rules. Bend the lines in a new direction. All for one and one for all. Here are some of our favorite fashion-fluid pieces.

Play it by ear.


Golden fortune.

Jul 9th 2020