Auvere’s Guide To Wedding Bands

Decisions. Decisions. While the engagement ring for your betrothed takes up a significant amount of mental, emotional, and financial space, don’t forget that the wedding bands are just as important. Regardless of whether you are into jewelry, this is one piece you will likely wear every day for the rest of your life. But hey, no pressure!

Stressed about picking the right ring? Don’t be. We’re here to guide you through the essential steps in choosing the wedding band with which you may say “I Do” with enthusiasm, and give you a few amazing rings from which to choose.

The first thing to note is that your wedding band does not have to match your bride or groom’s band. We know you love your partner, but the old matchy-matchy rules no longer apply. Let’s take this outdated concept off the table so that you may be free to express yourself authentically.

The second thing to take into account is how you pair your personal style with a ring that best signifies your bond and commitment to your bride or groom. Ideally, you should choose a ring crafted from 24 karat gold, 22 karat gold, platinum or sterling silver as those metals will stand the test of time. Your ring should fit your ring finger comfortably, look and feel like a wedding band, and capture the sentiment of this extraordinary moment in your life.

Let’s start the shopping process. This is the fun part.

  • Determine your ring size. Do you know your ring size? If not, determine your size by ordering one of our handy ring sizers for free by emailing us at
  • Figure out your budget. Or not. What you want to spend on your ring is ultimately your choice; just make sure you’re comfortable with what you spend.
  • Talk it out with your significant other. Talk to your bride or groom-to-be so you’re on the same page about your wedding bands. Make sure they know what you would like and invite them into the process so they are part of this decision.
  • Define your style. Traditional or unusual? If you already know the answer to this, you are one step ahead. If you are unsure, however, consider trying different rings before making your final purchase.
  • Strictly metal or iced-up? Your beloved isn’t the only one who may wear diamonds. In fact, you should bring on the bling!
  • What about silver? While gold and platinum are the most popular metals for wedding bands, sterling silver is a great alternative. It’s less expensive than gold or platinum but is considered a precious metal — certainly precious enough to cement your sacred vows!
  • Unisex is a great way to go. Most of our rings and bands may be worn by anyone regardless of gender. The most important thing to consider when shopping for jewelry is personal style.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Try these 11 bands on for size. If you want more options, then shop rings and bands!


Our Groovy Band Satin handcrafted from solid 22 karat gold is rooted in a classic wedding band style. The graphic grooves add a touch of modernity to this minimal but elevated design. The Groovy Band is also available in a polished version.


24 karat gold is the height of luxury when it comes to gold jewelry. Substantial, sophisticated, and stunning, our Xanthe 24K Ring Hammered with an artisanal hammered finish is a timeless choice for the seasoned jewelry lover. The Xanthe 24K Ring is also available in polished and satin finishes.


Already an Auvere icon, our Stack 5 Diamond Band Polished , handcrafted from solid 22 karat gold and studded with pave set, round cut natural diamonds, combines a hint of sparkle with the timeless beauty of high karat gold. This ring is available without diamonds — see the Stack 5 Band Polished.


Looking for something fine but less traditional than gold? Consider sterling silver bands. Not just any sterling silver band, mind you! Take your show of love up a notch with our Pyramid Band Wide / Silver handcrafted from solid sterling silver. Looking for this band handcrafted from solid 22 karat gold? Then take a look at our Pyramid Band Wide.


If a traditional and classic band is just not your thing, then go for our Motorcycle Diamond Band Wide. Handcrafted from solid 22 karat gold and studded with sparkling round cut natural diamonds, this band features a series of studs that tell the world that you are definitely an extrovert. At a minimum, you love a look that is definitely not basic.


If classic is your comfort zone, we say embrace it. Our 22 karat gold Stud Band Polished offers minimalism with a masculine edge. If you prefer a satin finish, then check out our Stud Band Satin, also handcrafted from solid 22 karat gold.


The word “handsome” may be used aptly to describe this ring. The Triple Barrel Ring Polished isn’t an Auvere best seller for nothing. This striking wide band handcrafted from solid 22 karat gold with a gleaming polished finish has a distinctive layered look that is both unique and timeless. For the satin finished version, shop the Triple Barrel Ring Satin.


Sleek and svelte, our Pyramid Band Narrow / Silver offers a slimmed down version of the Pyramid Band Wide / Silver for those of you who prefer a minimalist approach to jewelry. Spiky pyramids circling your finger show that you are not impervious to a healthy dose of style. We also offer this ring in solid 22 karat gold.


The wider the band, the more visible your commitment is to the world. Even though our 22 karat gold Stack 10 Diamond Band occupies a fair amount of real estate on your ring finger, it does so with sleek elegance and a jaunty flair. Looking for this band in solid gold? We’ve got it. Check out our Stack 10 Band Polished which is also crafted from solid 22 karat gold.


Our Groovy Band is too cool to be rendered solely in gold. So we made the Groovy Band Silver, which is handcrafted from solid sterling silver. We like the Groovy Band Silver because it offers a sleek, modern but much less expensive alternative to gold and platinum wedding bands. And if you want to stack your rings, this one is perfect for the job.


Our XOXO Diamond Band offers an icy cool vibe mixed with the warmth of rich, high karat gold. Handcrafted from solid 22 karat polished gold and studded with 8 brilliant natural diamonds totaling close to half a carat, the XOXO Diamond Band straddles the line between forever yours and forever chic.

Jun 26th 2023