TLC tips for your 22 & 24 karat gold Auvere jewelry

All luxury products need tender loving care. We dry clean our finest clothes. We expertly cobble our Louboutins. We trust horologists with our antique watches. Caring for gold jewelry is no different. We have some important tips to share that will help you keep your Auvere pieces as luminous and lovely as the day you acquired them.


While some of these tips might sound obvious, it’s always good to have a reminder of some easy steps that will help you care for your jewelry on a daily basis and after regular wear. Always remember, a little TLC goes a long way.

  • If you’re like us, you’re an avid hand washer, but it’s always best to remove your rings and bracelets before cleaning. This will keep abrasive chemicals and perfumes that live in hand soaps away from your jewelry. The same is true for hand lotions.
  • Love perfume? So do we. Just be sure to spray before putting your jewelry on.
  • Exercise is as essential as accessorizing. Just don’t do them at the same time. A vigorous workout might not only damage your jewelry, but soil your pieces with sweat.
  • Whether you swim for fitness or prefer to relax in a Jacuzzi, it’s important to remove your jewelry first. This may seem obvious, but chlorine can cause severe damage to gold. Ditto for chlorine-based cleaning products.
  • Always store your gold pieces neatly, and separately from other jewelry.
  • Tangled chains are the worst! Be sure to close any clasps before putting your pieces away.


Maintaining good care of your jewelry isn’t difficult, and with a little regular attention, you can keep your pieces looking as good as gold. Here are a few simple steps that we recommend.

  • As easy as de-linting clothing, wiping your gold jewelry with a soft chamois cloth helps to keep dirt and natural oils away that may accumulate after wear. This will also help to keep those polished gold pieces shiny and lustrous.
  • For a more thorough cleaning, it’s advisable to periodically soak your jewelry in warm water mixed with a few drops of mild liquid soap to remove pollutants. Any dirt or chemicals hanging around your jewelry reduces the luster, so this is a safe way to ensure your gold stays luminous.
  • After washing, be sure to properly dry off each piece before you store or wear.
  • If you want to go straight to a pro, make sure you bring your jewelry to a jeweler who is an expert in handling and caring for pure gold.


Understanding what makes 22 and 24 karat gold special, will also help you care for your Auvere pieces. Beyond the basics, it’s important to recognize that pure gold jewelry is exceptional. Auvere jewelry is designed to maximize the beauty, essence, and character of pure gold. One of the traits of 22 and 24 karat gold is its inherent softness.

This distinguishing characteristic is one of the reasons why we love it and why we work with it. It’s gentle malleability, and soft, sensuous feel makes it a dream to wear as well as symbolizing its purity and authenticity of investment grade gold. Over time you will find that your rings and bracelets will mold to your finger or wrist. We liken it to a unique facet that bonds your connection to your jewelry. Like any relationship, a little extra tender loving care goes a long way.

Dec 22nd 2017