How to determine your ring size

If the ring fits . . .

Have you ever passed on a great ring because you didn’t know your size? Figuring out your ring sizes can be tricky. But we’ve developed a few tips and tricks (along with some fun, fingersnapping facts) that will make the sizing process a little bit easier.


What’s my ring size?

FACT: Did you know that all of us have one hand that’s larger than the other? Typically the hand we write with is slightly bigger than the other hand. So when you’re measuring your fingers, you should expect those fingers to be a bit larger.


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TIP: We recommend keeping a note somewhere in your phone of your current ring size for every digit — thumbs too. You never know when thumb rings will be the next big thing! Try to measure your fingers at the end of the day when they tend to be at their largest. It’s always best to have a little wiggle room.

FACT: Speaking of ‘wiggling,’ did you know that fingers don’t have muscles? The muscles in our forearms are connected to the tendons in our fingers. This acts as a pulley-system, and works with the brain to move our fingers automatically.


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TIP: Unfortunately, what you eat and drink during the day, or even the night before, can affect your finger sizes. If you’ve eaten something salty or had a few cocktails, your fingers may become swollen (damn that last margarita!). It’s always best to measure your fingers on a day that isn’t followed by a big potato chip binge. Just sayin’.

FACT: Not to get off book, but did you know that the term ‘finger food’ is the American spin-off of the French word ‘canape’ (which literally means sofa) from the late 18th century? Around the time of prohibition in the United States, underground bars and speakeasies served ‘finger foods’ so their clientele wouldn’t appear intoxicated in public after leaving their secret establishments. The rest is history.

TIP: Don’t forget to read the room. For the temperature, that is. When it’s cold, your fingers have a tendency to shrink, which means they will actually measure a little smaller. Case in point, if you’ve ever gone outside in the winter and suddenly the rings on your fingers feel like they could slip off, it’s because the cold has that effect on our bodies as it works to conserve heat. Conversely, the warmer the weather, the more your fingers will swell, making the task of measuring a little dicey. Best to avoid both extremes when sizing up those digits.

FACT: Ring measurements differ from country to country. We rely use U.S. ring size measurements; however, if you are unfamiliar with U.S. ring sizes, use this handy chart to make the necessary conversion.


TIP: One easy way to determine your ring size without leaving the comfort of home (or your canapé) is to measure a ring you already own. Grab a ruler that has a millimeter measurement. Carefully measure the inside diameter of the ring. Once you’ve noted that number, compare it to the chart below and match up your ring size. If it falls in between two sizes, then it’s best to go with the larger ring size.



FACT: Did you know that lefties are rare? Only 10% of the general population are left-handed. Statistically, men are 23% more likely to be southpaws. The Netherlands has the highest number of left-handed people in the world, with the US coming in at a close second (13.2% vs. 13.1%, respectively). Even rarer are those of us who boast ambidexterity. A mere 1% of all people are fully skilled with both hands.

TIP: When testing the fit of a ring, make sure there’s a bit of resistance when you slide the ring over your knuckle. If it slips over with too much ease, then the ring is likely too big. Once you pass the widest part, the ring should sit comfortably at the base of the finger, never squeezing or sliding up and down too much.


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FACT: The Ancient Romans set the trend for women to wear their engagement ring on their left ring finger. They believed that the mythical Vena Amoris or Vein of Love runs directly from the ring finger to the heart as a perfect symbol of love.

TIP: Here’s another way you can figure out your ring size. Take a thin strip of white paper and wrap it around your finger where your ring would naturally sit. Make sure that the strip of paper is pulled snugly around your finger. This helps to ensure the best fit. Once it’s wrapped, mark the spot where it ends. You’ll want to measure this length with your ruler, again in millimeters. Use our handy chart below to determine your ring size.



FACT: Probably the best way to determine your ring size is to use a ring sizer. You may purchase one yourself or just ask us! We would be happy to send you a complimentary ring sizer. Send us your full name and mailing address (US residents only, please), and we’ll get one out to you within 5-7 business days.

TIP: If you need a helping hand sorting out your ring size, please email our customer support at

Happy Ring Shopping!


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Jun 4th 2021