How to wear it: Ear Stacks

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Gird your loins jewelry lovers. The days of quiet, politely bejeweled ears have given way to a boisterous, celebratory explosion of earrings from helix to lobe. The ear, when laden with carefully curated jewelry, has become the official accessory erogenous zone. The ear stack may have its roots in club culture, but it has graduated to major style status.

Fashioning one’s ear decor from top to bottom might seem like a daunting task. Guess what? It’s not as tricky as it looks. Auvere’s style experts have broken the ear stack down into three simple formulas to help you become a master stacker.


Following the concept of good minimal aesthetics, “The Minimalist” ear stack focuses on repetition, shape, and scale. What does that mean? OK, hear us out (pun intended). It doesn’t matter how many holes you have in your ear. This approach to ear stacking requires that you repeat a particular style in shape and scale in order to create a clean, sophisticated look. While this may sounds boring, the results are anything but. This is actually a very bold yet elegant way to style your ears. Double or triple or quadruple up on a simple stud or ear cuff and stick to that. No matter which earring you choose, this simple stack makes a big statement without shouting. Make this your signature look.

TIP: Select an earring that isn’t too big. If you have multiple holes in your ear, you don’t want to overwhelm the real estate, so to speak. There needs to be a physical (and visual space) between earrings. If you opt for a hoop, make it a mini, so they don’t overlap or touch one another on the ear.


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Yes, you heard us correctly. We call this take on ear stacking “The Size Queen” because this simple stacking method optimizes a singular style in multiple sizes. Take one earring style from the top of the ear to the lobe and go big to small. Or reverse that and go small to big from the top of the ear down. Do keep the size of each individual earring in mind, though; the Minimalist principle applies here as well. Overwhelming the ear is not the point.

TIP: Try this on one ear only. Adorn your other ear with a solo earring or go bare on the other side. You add another dimension by keeping this look asymmetric. Keep in mind that great style isn’t always matchy-matchy.

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Once you’ve mastered the basics of ear stacking, you can graduate by showing off your “Hybrid” skill-set. This is your anything goes, freestyle approach to the ear stack. The point is to have fun with this. Be fearless and creative. Mix styles, shapes, and sizes.

Since we have an entire collection of gorgeous 22 karat gold earrings at our disposal, you’ve got a lot to play with in terms of shapes and proportions. Once you start experimenting, you can see what works best on your ear. Put a stud in your lobe and a medium size hoop above that. Flip the obvious choice. You might find something great. We also like to add some bold ear cuffs into the mix since not everyone has ear piercings all the way up and down. Ear cuffs are a great way to add more gold, volume, and even gemstones to your look.

TIP: However you decide to style up your Hybrid ear stack, just make sure it’s comfortable for your ear. This isn’t a call to overload, but to flex your style muscles that suit your personality in a fresh way that you may not have considered before. Most importantly, have fun with it. That’s the joy of jewelry!

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Jul 20th 2022