Love Is in the Air

A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

No matter what the state of your love life is, Valentine’s Day holds a special place in all of our hearts. It’s a day to celebrate everyone you love, including yourself. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect way to say “I love you,” you’re in the right place. From tokens to treasures, our gift guide is literally golden (and silver too).


Giving the gift of gold is a wonderful way to share the love. Gold is timeless, iconic, and symbolic. No matter the size, a beautiful piece of gold jewelry can show just how big your heart is. These budget-friendly picks are a lovely way to make February 14th memorable for those close to you without breaking the bank. Or this is just a sweet act of self-love because you deserve it.


Did you know that we offer several of our iconic designs in sterling silver? If your beloved is more of a silver person, then we’ve got you covered for V-Day. Bold, bright, and beautiful, our brilliant silver jewelry shines a light on your love.


What’s your love language? Is it big, sweeping, wordy declarations of heartfelt emotion? Or do you prefer the mysterious, singular poetry of letters and initials that embrace a personal connection? This is one area where we can’t take sides. As all the world’s greatest poets understood, words (and yes, letters, too) hold the power of romance in each syllable and every curve of a letter. We like to express these sentiments through our designs, but the intention behind the gift is yours. We invite you to tap into expressing yourself in true gold.


Do you love in a big way? Then, behold the true gold gift list for those who live by the “bigger is better” philosophy. Our jewelry is perfect for those big pronouncements of love. Bold, substantial pieces imbued with our iconic signatures make a fabulous flex for February 14. Sprinkle in some diamond sparkle and gemstone magic for a big statement of love.

Feb 1st 2024