Have a very Auvere season!

With holiday shopping season in full swing, the clock is ticking on your gift giving. If you’re still searching for the perfect token of appreciation, love, or friendship, look no further. You are in the right place. Holiday shopping can be approached as an extreme sport or as an enjoyable journey of discovery and creativity leading one to the perfect gift. To help you get on the right track, here’s a quick guide to holiday gifting. Deep breath, shoppers, we’ve got your back.


We love a good necklace; however, choosing the right one for someone else isn’t always easy. That’s why we recommend a pendant — especially an Initial Pendant from our Alphabet City collection. Crafted from solid 22 karat gold, these pendants allow you to personalize your gift. Moreover, they look great when layered and styled with other pendants, such as the Long Spike Pendant.


A diamond-laden bracelet like the Diamond Drops Bracelet will win major points every time. Not to mention the diamond-encrusted Ice Cream Cone Diamond Earrings Large. Indeed, the combination of warm 22 karat gold and ice cold diamonds is so potent that we suggest saving it for the serious jewelry lover on your list.


Chances are someone near and dear to you has a penchant for ear piercings. Not only are we on board with that, but we’re happy to help you partake in their quest for the perfectly curated ear. From tiny studs and hoops to dramatic chandeliers, we offer a wide range of earrings that stack up for the jewelry lover. Our coveted hoop collection comes in sterling silver and solid 22 karat gold. With 7 hoop sizes, each sold as singles and pairs, you may mix and match to your heart’s delight. How about one XL in sterling silver and a 22 karat gold Mini?


A little over a year ago, we dipped our toes (and our designs) in sterling silver. This modern collection gives jewelry lovers the chance to mix metals (we love gold & silver together!), experiment with new styles at a friendly price point, and style bold new looks for daily wear. Check out our Big Heart Ring Silver, for starters.


What can we say? Our 22 karat gold bands and pure 24 karat gold rings have a spectacular bling thing unlike any other precious metal. Our rings, including our Gold Claw Ring in solid 22 karat gold, add a shot of gold light to the fingers that elevates moods and outfits alike.

Dec 15th 2023