We’ve got mad love for earrings!

Hoops. Studs. Drops. Doorknockers. Shoulder Dusters. Cuffs. Crawlers. Huggies. Chandeliers. Wraps. Buttons. Climbers. What are we talking about? Today, it’s all about earrings.


Capture Ear Cuff Polished, Lunar Ear Cuff Polished, Double Moon Ear Cuff Polished, Cage Stud Earring Polished and Cone Stud Earring Polished — all crafted from solid 22 karat gold.

Earrings are the embodiment of the perfect accessory. It’s universal appeal derives from the sheer number of styles and looks available. Dating back to 3000 BCE, earrings are one of the oldest forms of body adornments. Anyone who was anyone wore earrings back then. Why? Because a good pair of earrings signaled wealth, status, tribal affiliation, and vocation. There was even a point in history when people believed that wearing earrings endowed the wearer with special powers.

The earring has held on to its status as a “sought-after accessory” throughout the centuries. Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer famously painted the Girl With a Pearl Earring in 1665. During the Renaissance, earrings were a staple of royal dress, with men taking the lead. Early explorers and sailors wore a single earring as a stand-in for currency in the event of an untimely demise requiring funeral proceedings. While that may seem like a lot to ask of your jewelry, it was an interesting way to leverage a bejeweled ear.

Let’s fast forward to the twentieth century. Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was always photographed or painted wearing dangling earrings. Iconic American actress Elizabeth Taylor (who had a life-long love affair with jewelry) was quoted as saying, “Life without earrings is empty”. The plot of the film Desperately Seeking Susan starring Madonna focused on a pair of priceless antique Egyptian earrings. British singer Sade singularly catapulted the oversized gold hoop earring to the style hall of fame in the 1980s.


Frida Kahlo photographed by her father. She clearly loved a good gold earring.

The evidence is in and it points to the earring as a favored piece of jewelry (second only to rings). When it comes to celebrating the earring, we feel compelled to do our part. From the celestial Golden Moon Earrings to the architectural Plexus Earring, you can count on Auvere’s wide collection of solid 22 karat gold jewelry to take your ear game to gilded places.

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Aug 26th 2021