Alphabet City and Chain Complex

We’ve got news! Auvere just launched two collections in 22 karat solid gold that pair so well: Alphabet City and Chain Complex. We asked Auvere designer and co-founder, Gina Love, to give us the scoop about the launch.

Auvere co-founder and designer, Gina Love

Auvere co-founder and designer, Gina Love.

AUVERE: We are excited about the recent launches of these two new collections: Alphabet City and Chain Complex. Can you tell us what inspired the Alphabet City Collection?

GINA LOVE: When I first moved to New York in the early 2000’s, I lived in the East Village. At that time, the city had lost its reputation for danger. Bloomberg was mayor and by then much of Manhattan had become home to modern luxury buildings and high end retail. But at least one neighborhood in Manhattan maintained its gritty reputation for a few more years to come. Alphabet City.

Alphabet City in the East Village has a long and wild history. This area was the home to many immigrants arriving to NYC for the first time in the 1800s through the early 1900s. In the 1970s and 1980s, Alphabet City became a haven for artists. By the late 1980s, it was the locus of a violent anti-gentrification protest. It was even the backdrop for the musical, Rent. Today, the neighborhood is home to several gorgeous community gardens that were built on the footprints of former buildings, as well as new real estate development. Nevertheless, Alphabet City has retained a lot of its original scruffiness and youthful energy.

The conical finish to our new 22 karat solid gold Alphabet City Initial jewelry derives specifically from the tops of the wrought iron gates that may found all over the neighborhood (behind them are stunning community gardens). The design is also a nod to delicate balance between the gritty toughness and intoxicating charm of this iconic NYC neighborhood.

Initial Pendant Small

Shop Initial Pendant Small in 22 karat solid gold.

AU: What about the Chain Complex Collection? What made you want to focus on chains?

GL: We’ve always offered chains but as part of a necklace that included a pendant. Until the launch of Chain Complex, the only free standing chain we offered was the Long Link Chain. That was because until now I’ve always made the pendant the focus of the necklaces I’ve designed — never the chain. That’s all going to change with the launch of the Chain Complex Collection. In this collection, the focus is on solid gold chains, which will be sold separately from pendants. In fact, Some chains are designed to be worn by themselves — no pendants allowed. We will offer a myriad of different styles of chains starting with the basic Cable Link necklaces and bracelets, which we just launched at the end of July.

Cable Link Necklace 2 mm

Shop Cable Link Necklace 2 mm in 22 karat solid gold.

AU: How did you arrive at the name for the Chain Complex Collection?

GL: When I thought about what I wanted to offer in terms of chains, it felt like the construction of a complex — a group of similar things in the same place. I am also fascinated by the derivation of words and the various meanings that are applied to any given word or phrase over time. The word complex derives from the Latin words ‘complexus’ and ‘complecti’, which mean, respectively, ‘intertwine and twist’ and ‘embrace and encircle.’ And that’s exactly what gold chains do.

Moreover, a ‘chain complex’ is an algebraic structure used to understand the motion and transformation of geometric objects. Think about it. Gold chains are nothing if not geometric objects in perpetual motion and transformation.

In Auvere’s universe, the term Chain Complex defines a collection of solid gold chains in the form of bracelets and necklaces, and cover a range of styles from delicate to chunky, and basic to bold.

Chain Complex Collection

New 22 karat solid gold necklaces and bracelets that are coming soon to the Chain Complex Collection.

AU: What are the specifics of each launch? Give us more details about the different sizes and dimensions available in each collection.

GL: For now, the Alphabet City Collection is comprised of the Initial Stud Earrings, the Initial Pendant Large and the Initial Pendant Small. All of these pieces are handcrafted from 22 karat solid gold. In the future, I would love to create more initial jewelry that pair gemstones with high karat gold.

As of today, the Chain Complex Collection consists of the Long Link Chain, which we launched in 2020, as well as necklaces and bracelets crafted from cable links in two thicknesses — 1 mm and 2 mm. The Cable Link Necklaces come in three adjustable lengths and the Cable Link Bracelets are offered in two adjustable lengths. In November 2021, the Chain Complex Collection will expand to include three new styles of chains — the Double Link Heavy, the Double Link Light and the Foxtail Franco.

Initial Pendants Large

Shop Initial Pendants Large in 22 karat solid gold.

AU: Why do you think Initial jewelry is so popular?

GL: Because it’s so personal. You can pick letters that signify anything that is important to you — not just your name. And we think ours are particularly special because of the conical design and the fact that they are crafted from 22 karat solid gold.

AU: Will the chains be sold separately from the pendants?

GL: Absolutely. We want our customers to be able to use their own chains with our new initial pendants or pair our chains with our pendants and pendants they may already own.

AU: What’s your plan for launching more pendants?

GL: There will definitely be more pendants coming to The two best ways to find out about the timing of new launches is to (1) check out Sneak Peek and (2) once you do, sign up for our newsletters.

Aug 19th 2021