Auvere's guide to buying jewelry for Mom for any occasion

Selecting a jewelry for anyone is an art form that takes time and careful consideration. But when it comes to choosing a present for our moms — whether for Mother’s Day, the holidays, her birthday, or just because — we’ve got to up the ante (even if she insists that all she wants is a phone call).

Our approach to selecting the perfect gift for Mom is simple and fun but will get to the heart of her personal vibe. The big question we must ask ourselves before diving into gift-giving mode is “ who is she really?” We know her as the first lady in our lives, but how does she see herself? How do others see her? Is she a zen-mama, a boss-lady, a Glam-mama or a mother of minimalism?

The Zen Mama
  • Tree pose is her go-to de-stressor
  • Swears by intermittent fasting
  • Eats organic
  • Recycles everything
  • Loves to travel to off-the-beaten path destinations
  • Has her Feng Shui master on speed dial
  • Is currently planning her annual Ayahuasca retreat

So what’s the perfect golden gift for your zen-mama?

1.   The Bridge Ring Tall — $600

mum's the word

2.   The Arthropod Earring — $1,750

mum's the word

3.   The Celestial Star Necklace — $3,300

mum's the word

4.   Floral Eye Bracelet — $950

mum's the word
The Boss-Lady
  • Type AAA
  • Jogs on her treadmill while whipping through several international zoom calls before the sun rises
  • Applies the Kondo method to her entire life for maximum efficiency
  • Flies private
  • Sleeps in her jewelry
  • Has been working remotely before working remotely was a “thing”
  • Loves a good self-help book

So what’s the perfect golden gift for your boss-lady Mom?

1.    V Neck Earring Polished — $850

mum's the word

2.   Slash Ring Satin — $2,100

mum's the word

3.   Triple Cage Necklace — $1,250

mum's the word

4.   Tall Maze Cuff — $4,400

mum's the word
The Minimal Mother
  • Always dressed in black, navy or white
  • Lives in a concrete and steel house
  • Richard Serra is her favorite artist
  • Drinks charcoal-infused water
  • Wears scents that smell like a freshly opened notebook
  • Worships the original Margiela
  • Dead Can Dance is the soundtrack to her life

So what’s the perfect gift for your Minimal Mom?

1.    Linear Threader Earring — $280 per single earring; $550 per pair

mum's the word

2.   Callen Ring Satin — $2,200

mum's the word

3.   Solid Large Maze Pendant Polished — $2,900

mum's the word

4.   Astra Bangle — $975 each

mum's the word
The Glam-Mama
  • Never leaves the house without makeup
  • Loves a good high heel
  • Her manicurist is her BFF
  • Color coordinates her closet
  • Swears by Keto
  • Buys her favorite perfume in bulk
  • Is single-handedly reviving the disco-age

So what’s the perfect gift for your Glam-Mama?

1.   Floral Eye Signet Ring with Pave Diamonds — $3,100

mum's the word

2.   Super Star Diamond Stud Earrings — $215 per single earring / $425 per pair

mum's the word

3.   Lips Necklace — $900

mum's the word

4.   Love is Love Bracelet — $3,600

mum's the word
May 7th 2021