The new gold standard

Auvere leads the way

We have a confession to make. We love gold. No, strike that. We’re obsessed with gold. We’re infatuated by its look, enchanted by its feel, mesmerized by its luminosity, and captivated by its headiness. You get the picture.

Born of a singular celestial collision billions of years ago, gold possesses star power and gravitas. As a tool of artistic expression, gold remains unmatched. Our passion for gold is driven by its color, luster, and essence and because we believe in sharing the wealth, we founded a brand that celebrates the beauty and value of working exclusively in 22 and 24 karat gold. This is AUVERE’S raison d’etre.

An important characteristic of pure gold is its natural softness. Not only does this inherent trait lend to its sensuality, it is a hallmark of investment grade gold. In fact, pure gold is rarer than any gemstone on earth. There is a mystical, centuries-old energy and luminosity that you feel when you wear pure gold. Dare we say — prepare to experience a gold rush!

Conceived and created by our New York-based designer, Gina Love, the AUVERE collections are handcrafted by expert goldsmiths in India to our specifications. All of our pieces reflect Love’s sophisticated, modern aesthetic. Striking geometric forms play off minimal principals punctuated with bold focal points and clean, sensual structures. AUVERE is designed to be worn and loved.

We are proud to take the lead in defining this exclusive, luxury category of modern, handcrafted investment grade gold jewelry. Over time, AUVERE jewelry will appreciate in value, all while doing double duty as finely handmade pieces of wearable art. 22K and 24K gold have a measurable and definitive value. It’s portability, durability, recyclability, and liquidity have helped maintain its purchasing power over the millennia, right through today. And that’s something you can bank on!

Oct 20th 2017