Why we love them!

Some pieces of jewelry seem ultra-cool but don’t seem to fit any category perfectly. They delight and confuse us all at once. We venture to say that one such item of jewelry is the threader earring. They are quite popular among Auvere shoppers, and yet we receive several questions about what they are, how they work and why we think they are a jewelry box “must have.” Well — let us share with you why we love threader earrings!


The construction of threader earrings is quite simple. This earring style consists of a thin cable link chain from which a pendant is attached on one end and a post on the other. In our case, the entire earring is crafted from solid 22 karat gold. The post is meant to slide into your piercing and pulled through so that the chain rests comfortably in your earlobe. Because of the way they are made, threader earrings move when you do. One of our favorites is our 22 karat gold Diamond Cone Threader Earring because of how seamlessly they move from day to night. We love pairing these with our Diamond Ear Cuff for extra sparkle.

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Threader earrings are easy to wear. Just slip them through the piercing in your ear using the post and then pull them so that they are balanced on either side. What we like about them is that they require no earring backs, and as long as you balance them in your piercing, they will not fall out. For a minimalist look, try our Linear Threader Earrings in solid 22 karat gold. Take your minimalist look a step further by wearing these threaders with our Clean Cut Ear Cuff Polished.

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Threader Earrings are versatile. Indeed, they are one of the few earring styles that may be worn purposely as a single earring without looking as if you lost one! That is why we sell them in both singles and pairs. This means you may wear a threader earring in one ear and something completely different in the other ear — or nothing at all. We like wearing the Golden Arrow Threader Earring handcrafted from solid 22 karat gold with our Heartbeat Threader Earring or the Heartbeat Stud Earrings.

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Because all of our earrings, including our threader earrings, are made from solid 22 karat gold, the gold content in each earring is high — 91.67% gold. By contrast, 14 karat gold contains approximately 58.3% gold with the remainder being metal alloys that are known allergens. For those with metal allergies, the high gold content reduces the chance of an allergic reaction. So not only are our 22 karat gold threader earrings great investment jewelry, they make a great investment in the health of your ears! Show love for your earlobes with our Heartbeat Threader Earring in 22 karat gold.

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Jul 3rd 2023