The Hoop Earrings Mini

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Because a naked ear just won’t do, dress yours up with a cool classic – The Hoop Earrings Mini. Gleaming in 22 karat polished gold with a gold weight of 5.2 grams per pair of earrings and 2.6 grams per single earring, The Hoop Earrings Mini makes a subtle statement. Count on these hoop earrings to add a certain timelessness and understated chic to your look. Looking for another hoop size? Then be sure to check out the other hoops in this collection: The Hoop Earrings XL; The Hoop Earrings L; The Hoop Earrings M; The Hoop Earrings S; The Hoop Earrings XS; and The Hoop Earrings Micro.

These earrings are sold with 18K backs. The increased alloy content in 18K gold earring backs allows them to endure more friction and stress associated with daily wear and removal of earrings. For those with metal allergies, we sell 22K earring backs separately here.

  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 1/2” (12 mm)
    • Thickness: 1/16“ (2 mm)
  • Finish: Polished