Bold gold

Designers pump up the volume

What’s that old saying about blowing things out of proportion? Well, as far as fashion is concerned, it’s a little too late for that. Some of our favorite ready-to- wear designers like Celine, Marni and Balenciaga, have tipped the scale in favor of generous, geometric shaped garments that feel more like architectural structures than actual pieces to wear. So it goes without saying that when the tide turns in fashion, accessories are sure to follow suit. And while carrying a handbag the size of a small house might be just a little impractical, this season’s jewelry is anything but.

AUVERE jewelry designer, Gina Love shares her philosophy on going bold in gold, “I think that everyone can wear at least one piece of bold gold jewelry. Take any one of our large cuffs in the Celestial or Arignote collections. Those cuffs are dramatic enough to eliminate the need for anything else. Bold jewelry allows you to be a jewelry minimalist all the while making a powerful statement. It only takes one piece…”

From a styling standpoint, Love hits the nail on the head. You don’t really need more than one bold piece at a time unless of course, you’re a self-confessed, full-on maximalist, and to that, we say knock yourself out. But if you’re anything like the rest of us jewelry-obsessed ladies, a bold, singular, focal point jewel will make the perfect statement.

And just as silhouette is key to any fashion look (cue Rochas supersized golden satin tent dress above), the ultimate expression of style begins and ends with color and material. Fashion’s ongoing love affair with gold runs long and deep, and in this moment it’s as essential as putting your pants on before you leave the house. Whether gleaming, glossy or seductively brushed gold jewelry in artfully- constructed shapes with clean, minimal lines, it’s the perfect (golden) foil to your black, white and every-color in the rainbow looks. Gold looks beautiful on every skin tone, it flatters and compliments us day and night. Gold goes anywhere and everywhere. And right now, gold is bigger, bolder and better than ever.

Oct 23rd 2017