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For hundreds of years, couples around the world have enjoyed the tradition of giving and receiving an engagement ring. This singular piece of jewelry constitutes a statement of love, represents a promise of fidelity and devotion, and politely informs would-be suitors to keep it moving. In a way, the engagement ring symbolizes the bedrock upon which new futures are built. Nary has one object held so much emotional weight as this diminutive piece of jewelry.

The first documented offer of an engagement ring as a part of a marriage proposal dates back to the royal coupling of Archduke Maximillian of Austria and Mary Burgundy, the Duchess of Cleves, in 1477. Unfortunately, their union was short-lived — Mary Burgundy died in an accident a mere five years after their wedding day; however, their brief pairing sparked a trend that evolved into a tradition that will likely outlive all of us. Not only did this tradition of an engagement ring take hold, but so did the style. Burgundy requested two rings from her future husband. The principal engagement ring was handcrafted from gold and set with a single, central diamond. Thus began one of the most significant and long-lasting jewelry trends in history.

Until the 21st century, the diamond solitaire engagement ring was de rigueur. Nowadays, as the pursuit of unique personal style overtakes traditional style rules and standardized fashion dictates, many of us are rethinking the engagement ring. Can it be high karat gold? Or sterling silver? What about using pave set diamonds instead of a single diamond? Does an engagement ring have to include a diamond at all? The answer is simple. It’s up to you.

In all honesty, Auvere is not known for traditional engagement rings. But we are known for unique jewelry handcrafted from sterling silver and high karat gold, including 22 karat gold rings and bands and 24 karat gold wedding bands. As more of us seek to personalize our engagement rings and wedding bands, we’ve received more interest than ever before about purchasing our rings as engagement rings and we are all for it. After all, you will wear your wedding jewelry for a long time, so you should love not only what it represents but the style of the ring too. Keep reading to learn more about our selection of what we call unorthodox engagement rings.


We are huge fans of diamonds — especially when paired with solid 22 karat gold. So if a diamond engagement ring is your first choice, but a large center stone is outside of the budget or not really your style, consider starting with a diamond stack ring like our Hexagon Diamond Stack Ring. What we love about this unorthodox engagement ring is that it is stackable, so you can start with one or two and grow your collection over time to create a piece that is as dramatic and eye catching as a diamond solitaire. This ring is also available with sapphire and ruby stones.


More often than not, it is the wedding band that comes in a solid precious metal — whether it’s gold, platinum or silver. While 22 and 24 karat gold engagement rings are less common, they are no less spectacular than an engagement ring bedecked with diamonds or a colored gemstone. We love the 22 karat gold Cage Cocktail Ring / Gold Ball because its shape is evocative of a more traditional engagement ring while being totally unique. Consider pairing this unorthodox engagement ring with a 22 karat gold wedding band that is equally as unorthodox: the Pyramid Band Narrow.


Look — there’s a reason why people love a diamond engagement ring. The diamond is a spectacular stone — especially when set off by the deep richness of 22 karat gold. But the setting is where you can do something different. A prong set diamond solitaire ring is pretty standard among engagement rings. So much so, that many of us are eager to try something new. If that describes you, then consider the power of pave — not along the ring shanks, but rather as the focal point of the engagement ring. For those of you who want to show some engagement ring bling, consider a ring like our 22 karat gold Sno Cone Diamond Ring. This unorthodox engagement ring boasts a multitude of high quality diamonds set together very tightly to create a sparkling dome.


If you really want to unmoor yourself from traditional engagement ring styles, but still maintain some bing, forgo the center stone altogether. This modern approach to engagement rings may seem completely sacrilegious, but that is the point! While crafted from very traditional engagement ring materials — 22 karat gold and glittering natural diamonds — our Spaced Out Hexa Ring makes negative space look as powerful as a diamond solitaire engagement ring. As an unorthodox engagement ring, this one hits just right!


Here’s an option that will entice anyone with a rock & roll sensibility. Celebrated for its edgy beauty and versatility, the Motorcycle Diamond Band Wide can be worn in many ways, including as an unorthodox engagement ring. Handcrafted from solid 22 karat gold and studded all over with petite natural diamonds, the Motorcycle Diamond Band Wide offers a heap of gold and just enough sparkle to live up to expectations of an unusual engagement ring, and it goes perfectly with the Motorcycle Band Narrow which serves well as an accompanying wedding band.


For those who yearn for simple and organic shapes, consider the Praying Mantis Rings, which come in different finishes and styles. The Praying Mantis Diamond Ring Narrow is the ring in the center of the stack on the left. On top is the Praying Mantis Ring Narrow / Polished and below is the Praying Mantis Ring Narrow / Satin. These stack rings are crafted from solid 22 karat gold and may be worn separately or together for a delightful and completely unusual and unorthodox engagement ring. Another beauty that could do the trick? Our 22 karat gold and diamond Praying Mantis Diamond Ring Wide.


Diamonds may be forever, but you can count on colored gemstones to bring whimsy and an unexpected style to your ring finger. For us, the color of the moment is blue. From sapphires to lapis lazuli to turquoise, the color blue symbolizes trust, loyalty and stability — all of which are pillars of a strong union. Our Byzantium 24K Ring / Turquoise sets five turquoise cabochons around a pure 24 karat gold band to create a ring that is traditional in appearance but makes for a very unorthodox engagement ring. Do you prefer rubies? If so, check out our Byzantium 24K Ring /Rubies.

Aug 24th 2023