Wingspan Gold Chandelier Earrings Tall

22 karat gold

Arignote Collection

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Dynamic and elegant, our Wingspan Gold Chandelier Earrings Tall strike the perfect balance between geometric precision and the organic nature of winged creatures. Handcrafted from 22 karat gold with a gold weight of approximately 8.3 grams per pair, the Wingspan Gold Chandelier Earrings Tall are a perfect way to add a touch of drama day and night. We like to pair these solid gold beauties with our Wingspan Gold Bracelet. If you have multiple piercings, consider adding the Wingspan Diamond Stud Earrings to the mix. For the diamond version of this earring, check out our Wingspan Diamond Chandelier Earrings Tall.

  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 2 7/16” (62 mm)
    • Width: 9/16” (14.3 mm)
    • Thickness: 3/64” (1 mm)
  • Finish: Polished