Go ahead. You deserve it.

We cannot deny that 2020 has been a crazy year thus far and will probably continue to yield more surprises before it is over. So, we totally understand if you want to treat yourself to something special! We certainly feel that way -- if only to remind ourselves that we are strong, resilient and that life is still beautiful.

That said, the unpredictable nature of these times has made us a little bit more cautious about how much we spend and what we buy. A little luxury during tough times is a wonderful thing, but let’s be smart about it! If you are a jewelry lover like we are, one smart approach is to buy pieces made from 22 and 24 karat gold. Why? Gold holds its value over time; therefore, more gold in any given piece makes more sense. And when paired with designs that are enjoyable to wear, solid high karat gold makes us feel like we own something precious and valuable. So, if you are in the mood for a true gold treat, allow us to make a few recommendations!

For tokens of self-appreciation, explore these beauties for $500 and under.

22K Clean Cut Ear Cuff

22K Hexagon Diamond Stud
$275 for pair
$140 for single

22K Heartbeat Bracelet and Heartbeat Ring
$400 each

22K Golden Arrow Threader Earring
$500 for pair
$255 for single

Take your gold game up a notch with these pieces for $1,500 and under.

22K Pavo Bracelet Polished handcrafted from 22 karat gold

22K Galactic II Earring Polished

22K V Neck Earring Satin

22K Double X Ring Polished

22K Golden Horseshoe Diamond Necklace

22K Astra Bangle
$975 each

Shower yourself with pure love. Go for gold at $2,500 and under.

22K Spike Ring Polished

22K Wishbone Pendant Large/Polished

22K Multifacet Ring

22K Cage Cocktail Ring with Ruby Ball

22K Indomitable Medallion and Chain

22K Contour Earring

If the sky is the limit, then reach for the stars with these celestial wonders over $2,500!

Byzantium 24K Ring Satin

22K Double Cone Earrings

Golden Apex 24K Ring

22K Perigee Bracelet

22K Long Link Chain

22K Open Cage Cuff

22K Bold Heart Black Enamel and Diamond Necklace

Jul 30th 2020